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Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Keys to Sustaining a life in the Supernatural

The Kingdom of God is such an amazing and beautiful thing to see in action.  When God moves it inspires awe and wonder.  

So how do we sustain a move or dwelling place of God?  

Butterfly transformations require strength

"By this, love is perfected with us, so that we may have confidence in the day of judgment; because as He is, so also are we in this world."  (I John 4:1)

Here are 10 keys that I have found to spur me on and keep the doors of heaven open.   What do you think?  Do you have others to add?    Hope they are encouraging.

1. Pray without ceasing.  We know this but we don't know this.  Learn to abide in the presence of the Lord at all times.  This keeps us in promise.  It can be done.  It's not about talking all the time.   "If you abide in me, I will abide in you."  John 15   He says he never leaves us or forsakes us.   There are vast open fields of knowledge in Christ that will open up as we pursue the knowledge of his presence.  This call is the doorway.  The way of understanding his presence for every moment is out in front of us.   Lets Run in!  

2. Obedience is better than sacrifice.   Religion cannot sustain a move of God.  Rules.  Boundaries.  Calculations.  Obedience can.  For freedom he set us free.  We are free to obey him in worship and love.  Be diligent in honoring what the Lord asks of you.   Complete the tasks you know he wants you to finish.   Often it requires faith and some risk.  Dive in knowing that his NAME and character support you.   This is heart and soul of pleasing in action. (Heb 11:1 and 6)   Trust in motion.  Obedience in the face of every hindrance.  Obedience comes with promise.  If we love Jesus we will obey his commands.....and the Father will make his home with us.  Awesome promise.  John 14:23

3. Throw off the weight of sustaining what God holds up.  Receive him and Abide in love.  Embrace the gift of the Cross.  Dwell in the resurrection power and keep your eyes focused on the ascended Jesus seated above. That is where your life is hidden in Christ. (Col 3:1-3)   We cannot sustain a move of God upon the "arm of the flesh".  It is too weighty, to heavy.   Jesus said his "yoke is easy and his burden is light."  Look for the light and easy yoke and move in faith.   Discern what the Lord is carrying and what he wants you to carry by the weight of the yoke.  He says his yoke is easy, light, not a heavy burden.  Why do we say doing what God wants is hard.   That sounds like a different gospel?  Trust the prophetic words you have received and fight the good fight of faith with them.  (I Tim 1:18-19)  They will keep you walking in faith and protect a good conscience.  

4. Let rest be your hiding place.  Life can come at us fast and we can still be in perfect peace. (Isaiah 26:3)   In repentance and rest is our salvation. (Isaiah 30:15) Learning to rest in all that Jesus has done for us while we are highly active in the world, this is the engine of sustaining presence.  We carry the presence and life changing power everywhere we go. (Hebrews 4)   Jesus is with us.  Always.   What is he looking to do where we are?  Look around with his eyes on.  See the world through his rest.

5. Expect miracles, supernatural happenings and keep your eyes open for opportunities.   Moving in the supernatural requires seeing the Kingdom in motion and good communication with the Holy Spirit.   The Father is moving in all circumstances and Jesus is bringing his Kingdom today.   Keep your eyes open for divine encounters and opportunities in the Spirit.  He prepares the lives of people for miracles. "but it was so that the works of God might be displayed in him."  (John 9:3)  Step out and offer to pray.   There are works waiting all around you.  (Eph 2:10)  Don't forget the night can be a key time to watch with open eyes for his coming.   

"I rise before dawn and cry for help; I wait for Your words. My eyes anticipate the night watches, That I may meditate on Your word. Hear my voice according to Your loving kindness; Revive me, O LORD, according to Your ordinances".   (Ps 119:148)

6. Work hard at aligning your life to all the "Firsts" of the Kingdom.   The Kingdom and his righteousness first. (Matt 6:33)   First above all things thanksgiving and prayer. (I Tim 2:1)  Most important, first love for Jesus. (Rev 2:7f)   Get everything flowing out of heaven that your are doing in your life on earth.   Start with Jesus and end with worship and obedience.  Let his glory live in you as you walk in Him.  Let heaven fill up your life and all the earth around you.    We do not create the Kingdom, make it go, provide it's directions.  We simply welcome and receive it.  (Matt 10:40)

7. Let the Spirit search you often.   (Ps 139)   Search me and know me.   Ask the Spirit to lead and guide you as you move through your day.  Welcome his presence and the life he has for you in the morning.   Be honest about who you are and what the Spirit wants to free you from.  Let him lead you and guide you in that process.   When the Spirit goes after something to bring righteousness to us it is a complete transformation.  It is well worth the effort of saying "yes".

lay down in some fire

8. Never let fear guide you.  Make key decisions in the presence of God.  Make decissions with his heart for the world and the inheritance of the Lord Jesus clearly in front of you.   Identify fear and let the Spirit reveal why it is there.   Take it captive unto Christ and act in the Kingdom.   Put down every fear and let the Holy Spirit fill each one with love.  His perfect love can drive them all away.   

9. Elevate the way of Faith by following Jesus closely.   Identify the role faith is playing in your walk after Jesus.  Often we step up into obedience and new things and see incredible breakthrough and then we level off and simply sustain those things rather than press forward into new avenues of faith.   Make it your goal to be within reach of Jesus.  If you follow him you will stay on the sharp edge of faith.   

10.  The real sustaining power is in the GO!  The Father loves mission.  The Father is at work right now in your town, city, neighborhood, family and friends.  This gospel of the Kingdom breaks forth as we are among the people.  The deeper out into darkness we go the brighter the light that will shine of God's Kingdom    Often we do not go out into the community, over to the neighbors, over to our friends who don't know Jesus.  Go and serve them in love.   Go serve them in his name.   Jesus breaks down every barrier and there are no gates that can prevail against him.  IT is just a matter of time before they fall.  Go out and preach his message to the world.   You will see wonders.  

Can we sustain this alone?  I don't believe we can.  But why would you want to anyway?  We were made to be part of a family;  To have deep and life giving relationships that are rich in the Kingdom of God and the Rule and Reign of Jesus.   Get connected to a Body of Believers that is living intentionally in these kind of things.  You will see a new measure of growth and fruit as you walk with them while following the Lord.  The Word and Spirit combined are empowering new families in powerful Kingdom expressions of his love everyday.    Be part of one. 

Comments?  Ideas?  What have you found to sustain a move of the Spirit? 
Thank you for the re-shares.   Let me know about other blogs or sites that are calling out a sustained move of God.   

With love and grace in Jesus,

Jeff Reynolds
Capstone Christian Fellowship

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