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Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 - What is the Spirit pointing to? Here are some of the things I believe we may encounter and find the Spirit deepening and drawing out in the coming year and beyond.

240 sticks with all region church names - Unity prayers

2014 - There will be a greater refinement of Kingdom alignment - Aligning to Love –The LOVE PROJECT

Undivided Heart – Wholly devoted.   The world has a way of teaching us to live with a divided heart.  Living for God with a heart that is 1) Protected and in fear of pain  2) Bound by offense and scandal 3) chained up with sins from chords and attachments and deep places in our soul 4) enemy wounds that have been attributed to the Father that cool our love, freedom, worship and intercession.  

Wholehearted love without hypocrisy - with more discernment of true love
A heart in agreement with the mind and soul, expressing love through the body with the Kingdom first and righteousness embraced, is a wholehearted love.   This is my prayer, my solemn vow, “ I will love You” (IHOP Kansas city).   The call for first love will remain the same and deepen in 2014.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Fruit of the LOVE PROJECT - Unity will go deeper as love and honor prosper.
There is an invitation from the Spirit for a renewed and deepened understanding of LOVE.   It will be ushered in with fresh links connecting the WORD and the WAYS of GOD.   The essence of heaven is LOVE.  All created things both in heaven and on earth find their center in the Trinity love.  LOVE is first.  Returning to first love and loving first are the first things in the heart of the Father for the Bride of his Son.  The love of many has grown cold.   The heart is the battle field of love.  The enemy has gone after the trust and love of the Saints and with cunning has sown into the hearts of the lovers of God thorns and weeds.  The thorns and weeds have choked the love that is the birthright and inheritance of all the Saints through the ages.   The present unity, expressed deeply as a shared heart of free and abiding love for the Father, will be called out into deeper and deeper love.  Expect revelation in the eyes of the heart and knowledge of the Son of God to expand and deepen.   The pure heart will be called out in the face of the unfulfilled, disappointed, offended.   The LOVE PROJECT will find more and more ground as the hearts of the Saints return to the LORD.   The people of God will find themselves rejoicing, singing, dancing, celebrating in the freedom of their inheritance.  The SON of the LIVING GOD will take up new seats of understanding in our hearts.   

What do I expect to see LOVE accomplish in 2014?

  • LOVE will deepen cooperation.  Laying down our lives for our friends/one another will deepen the expression of the Kingdom and will triumph over competition as glory and grace arise.   The sins of the heart will be defeated over and over. New fresh wells of abiding presence will fill the heart and establish oneness with Christ.
  • LOVE will raise up warriors - the encounters of freedom and grace in the heart and open heavens worship will bring in renewed understanding of essential Kingdom truths - LOVE wins.  LOVE is eternal.  GOD is LOVE.  A resolve will grow in the heart that will be fostered by faith and deepened in daily hope. 
  • LOVE will invite believers to sacrifice - "Offer your bodies as living sacrifices" (Rom 12:1-2) "No greater love is this than a man lay down his life for his friends" (John 15:13).  LOVE will compel the heart to greater works and the Spirit will unite hearts in agreement. 
  • LOVE will call, with a longing that cannot be quenched, for deeper abiding in HIS presence.  This is not a passing moment of grace. The Lord is adding something to the already deep wells of worship.  Deep abiding.  This is a grand canyon cleansing of the Bride and a restoration of heart to the Father.   The deep longings of the heart will be answered with a "yes" in Christ Jesus.  The Saints who chose to let all else fall away to love, will find a deep and abiding river growing into dreams, visions, signs and wonders.  There is no end to the Father's heart.  This gift will set those who chose to surrender as "pillars in the temple of my God" (Rev 3:12).   
  • LOVE will define the Church in His desires - the ways of God will find their way to the forefront of the ways of the church.   The ways of God will begin to become the fabric of the Church as more and more hearts are captured in his love and presence.   A new confidence will arise as the Saints "see" and the "wonder" is returned to the churches daily living.  The King will take up his seat.  The way of the King will begin to become clearer as his ways are established in the life and practice of the Church.   The worthless will clearly be defined as the precious comes to greater light and understanding.   
  • LOVE will call the Church to teach "citizenship" -  the citizens of the Kingdom are first people of trust and love from the heart.   Love of God will find expression in ways that cause people to say "truly, they love one another".

Spring is here - Winter is past.  The Gardener is preparing the ground for spring
John,  the Apostle of love, tells us that patient endurance (Rev 1:9 ) is an essential ingredient in forerunners.  Though the winter is past, the ground needs preparation and to be made ready for the coming spring.    The pathway to a garden of harvest is found on the road of Faith (planting and nurturing seedlings and seeds) Hope (watering and encouraging in the Spirit - reminding of glory to come - prophetic voices remembered) and LOVE "which binds all things together" (Col 3:14 ).   
Saints that have submitted themselves to the Lord through seasons of hardship and endurance and have remained in LOVE will see a new spring.   A wave of grace and the miraculous will wash into their lives in the comfort of the heart they have received and known.   Deepened faith, hope and love will blossom into powerful ability in the Spirit to free hearts from captivity and brokenness and set them into places of the undivided heart and wholehearted devotion.   
Forerunners need to revisit the fires of the prophetic pronouncements over them and renew their hearts in the place of deep abiding love. This is in the presence of the LORD.  From this place renewed vision and the spring will be clearly seen and understood.   From this place prayers of faith and encouragement to hope will plant the new crop of the coming spring time garden.  
The spring will bring forth salvation in new streams that grow into rivers.  The the flow of the stream growing into the river will be Righteousness, Cleansing and Deliverance and Freedom.  The gardeners need to prepare pathways for these to flow freely and with childlike faith, hope and love.  Prepare the way for the LORD.  

There will be a deeper expression of Power in all dimensions of his ways.
As LOVE, a supernatural love powered in the grace of the King and all the perfect work of Jesus,  finds it's place at the center of our hearts, miracles signs and wonders will increase.   A deepened understanding will put new eyes in the hearts of the Saints.   Equip. Equip. Equip.  There is a leading of the Spirit from this place of presence that is free, full of joy and continues as abiding presence.  Presence move to power as the heart finds it's place of deep abiding in love. 

Cleansing words, words of purifying power and righteousness, will become jewels and gems in greater and greater measure.   
What was despised by the divided heart will be embraced with joy and celebrated in Spirit and Truth worship. 

Word and Spirit, combined skillfully in the hands of the seasoned, will impart breakthrough deliverance and salvation.   There is a continuing invitation from the Spirit to deeper understanding of the Word.  A combining of Fire and Water understanding (study these two in the Scripture - interesting relationship) will light the Word in the hearts of those who will follow the leading of the Spirit.  Questions lead to new avenues in the Word.  Hungry minds linked with presence focused abiding hearts will generate amazing new understanding of the Scriptures.  Renewed understanding will flow and what was despised by the divided heart will be embraced with joy and celebrated in Truth and Spirit worship. 

Financial blessing will be connecting to Kingdom action in greater measure.

Cooperation and multiplication will occur in the ministry of intercession.   
The Father's heart of unity will extend the cooperation of intercessors and houses of prayer.  The physical environment is calling for "flags set about the region for his glory and power".  Territory claimed in the grace and authority of the Father, needs to be flagged and staked.   The Father's heart of unity will extend the cooperation of intercessors and houses of prayer.  More churches will join together in the presence. 

The Government of the Kingdom will be expressed in love, hope and faith.   "Daniel Princes" who appear to be in captivity will point to the expressions of the government of the Kingdom.  
A Word and Spirit people with a Throne Down life who believe the prophetic encouragement and seek to live as sacrifices - "Spend me as YOU will"- will find themselves fore-running Jeremiah 33:3.   Living now in the restored fortunes and double portion, these "Friends of God first" will rejoice in what is unseen and marvel at the hand of the LORD in the daily affairs of life. 

Many will go from cocoon to butterfly and eat the nectar from he tree tops.
There will be a continued and steady emergence of the "NEW" with identification and transformation into the new.      Go after your heart longings - dreams, visions, heavenly encounters and call out to the Spirit for encouragement, strengthening and comfort.   Do not despise prophecy.   The "work of the way" will require more time in the presence; more diligence in walking and unpacking the abundance of treasure that will flow into our lives.   There is a "ramping up" and a "learning to fly from the heart" that requires faith, hope and love.   
The cocoon is not captivity.   The Kingdom is not limited by the circumstances surrounding us.  In fact the forerunners are being set into place requiring "overcoming" so that an essential Kingdom reality can be set in their hearts.   The heart can soar in every and all circumstances.  The love and trust and connection of relationship with the Father has no bounds or limitations.  The work of Jesus has forever sealed our family ties, identity and friendship of the heart.   Our High Priest has ascended from the Earth to the Heavens and is seated in the Heavenly tabernacle. His work is finished.  Approach the Throne with confidence.  Nothing can separate us from the daily living experience and encounter with HIS love.  The reality of the Kingdom and His Righteousness will be worked into the heart in such a way that we will become pillars in the temple.  
The Nation will overlook the streams of righteousness that will be flowing "underground" as persecution, limited and localized, will further stimulate the WAR for the HEART.   This shift is of grand canyon proportions.  The Spirit will test and try hearts on a scale unheard of.  The realms of what is described as the "Seven Mountains" will continuously produce opportunity for Daniel Princes and Ester Queens to stand in the way of LOVE and with wisdom to advance the Kingdom.  

The WAR will include a purging of Jezebel and Balaam as the presence is restored heart after heart.  Self focused earth minded worship will find itself in conflict with the presence focused abiding rest of worship that encounters the Lord.   The purging of our ways for God's ways and the uprooting of life circumstances will challenge the heart deeply.  Jezebel worship and prophecy will be exposed to a purity of heart and a surrender to the Spirit. 
Jezebel will seek to justify his/her righteousness with money, power and control.   Watch for the "weapons of the world" and the "ways of the world" to be uprooted in the Church.  (See my blog on Jezebel for more insight into her ways) A battle of  discernment will unfold.  Kingdom and righteousness will seek deeper footing in the ways of the church and relationships of believers.   
The Church is partially intact.  Her reproductive systems are working, but her experience of the deep presence of God is lacking.  In many, a proper alignment to nurture a life of love and the presence of God is missing. 
Spirit and Truth worship is founded on the revelation of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.   Distorted worship, self -righteousness, affections and intimacy that belong to God but are given over to idols and self focused earth minded worship will find themselves in conflict with the purging of God's ways and the uprooting of circumstances.  The False intimacy found in pornography and Baal worship will by God's grace be brought to light in the heart of those who should be HIS own.   MORE presence LESS Jezebel.   

The things we embrace above a heart devotion for the King will become the things that the King uses to correct us.  
For many the world, the circumstances of life and place in life, and the affirmation of the world spirit, are the comfort and assurance of the heart.  This will not stand in the jealous love of the Father.  

The Prophetic must link with the Apostolic.
Revelation and Government must link in truth, in grace, in love and in the WAYS of GOD.  A confusion has grown with time as the Apostolic slowly emerges.  Revelation is not government.  Revelation informs government, links the joints and sinews together and inspires the heart in the presence of the LORD.  Greater understanding and wisdom of the inner workings of God in the realms, roles and places of power are being called forth in the relationship of the prophetic to the apostolic.   Prophetic ministries in some cases have grown used to the void of anointed government.  A new level of alignment will continue as love is set into the core actions of the prophetic.  The prophetic ministry must be kneaded into the church with great love and care.  Prophets "originating by revelation" and not set to build with the apostolic will be called into alignment to LOVE first and to inspiring the Government of the Kingdom (Isa 9:7).  David was encouraged to "Do what is in your heart" by Nathan.   The Kingdom alignment is continuing to establish that power flows through Kingdom Government.   Government is founded in the the wisdom of the Kingdom and produces lasting and ordered progress of the Kingdom culture.   The presence power and peace of the Kingdom set down into the ways of the Church are required.   The ways of God are not fully understood or deeply elaborated on in the teaching brought forth in the church.  
A greater refinement of the Fivefold government will call for this relationship (prophets and apostles) to be refined in righteousness and truth. Walking in sacrifice and mutual submission of undeniable unity and bathed in the LOVE of the Father's heart the Fivefold impart mystery and the mind of Christ in powerful measure.   The mystery of the Fivefold thrives in unity, love, mutual sacrifice.   There is a multiplication of power, grace and Kingdom establishing power release as they co-labor in the culture of the kingdom.  The ways of the Kingdom must become the essential ways of the Fivefold.  2014 will bring doorways into greater understanding of these relationships and expressions of the Fivefold.   
For Central Oregon in particular, the call is for the prophetic ministry to rise up and come into greater maturity.  This process will call forth endurance and perseverance in the hearts of the prophetic voices.  The refining fires set in the way will add to the comfort with which the ministries will comfort all.    The prophets need to pass through the same righteousness as it relates to their gifting and hearts.  Great love will be called forward as the temple is built.   Who will call forth the Bride to build the temple?   Who has the connection to the limitless heart of the Father for his Son's beloved?   Who can walk in patient endurance properly aligned?
The ministry of the prophet will be refined to LOVE and demonstrate the power of the Spirit in encouragement, comfort and strengthening the Bride.  The days of "acts of righteousness without love going UN-discerned" will begin to come to a close.  Those who condemn, elevate themselves, originate without proper alignment to government will see the fruit of their tree discerned.   LOVE will triumph over all the ways of Jezebel.   The discernment of the Church will rise as truth gives way to WORD and SPIRIT. 

The Ways of Power will be revealed and widened as the way of the presence is rooted and established in the hearts of the Saints and church after church surrenders to the Father's heart. 
Something greater and more lasting is seeking root in the hearts of the Saints.  An understanding of the eyes of the heart that flows from ancient Kingdom truths long lost is being re-established.  We will know Christ in his sufferings and righteousness and overcome the world with his love.   Nothing will loose the heart from the abiding love of Jesus.  Deep Word connections are being called out from the presence that will be expressed in power.   Sign posts and markers have been set on the path.  Wisdom and understanding will be imparted which will allow for teaching and impartation to rise.  Streams are already flowing that will widen with LOVE and care evident in the Body of Christ. 

Worship culture will give way to Presence and Kingdom Culture.
The Saints will ADD in settings of worship and intercession as the Throne becomes the place of the heart.  The Fivefold will multiply.   A culture of addition will find it's way into the worship culture of the Church.  Inheritance will be the "eye" of presence.   The norms of worship culture will give way to the leading of the Spirit and the joy of the freedom in HIS presence.  Again, the heart will have to find it's way through the simple leading of the Spirit.   The ability to "judge" the worship culture or the value of the worship will fade as a worship culture emerges that flows freely without boundaries through the refined heart.   The linear will find itself challenged by the multiplication of the Kingdom.  

The Fivefold will grow
C.O.R.E - Commission / Operation / Righteous / Expansion - the miracle of multiplication of the 5000
S.C.O.P.E. -  Spirit / Consecration / Operation (ways of God) / Power / Expansion 
The Spirit (particularly in Central Oregon) is seeking to raise the water mark of Fivefold expression.  The maturing of the Unity of the Spirit is the foundation.  The LOVE PROJECT is the continued exploration of this direction.   The culture of the Kingdom and the Ways of God are the operations and the Righteousness of the Kingdom is the pathway to expansion.   
It is too early to judge ministries or focus on relationship structures.   Some are stumbling as this is an old mindset linked to a pastoral and church based vision of the city, region, nation.    The Spirit is still sowing dreams, prophetic confirmation, reviving worship and intimacy, calling forth new intercession, directing whole Churches to deeper presence encounters, and drawing out latent vision and heart desires.  The waves are still advancing and touching new people and Churches.  While at the same time righteousness is being depended in pruning and preparing the ground for spring.  This is the season of generosity, blessing, encouragement, prophetic guidance, establishing LOVE and UNITY, clearly setting the presence of God as the first, and deeply exploring the power and finished work of the LORD JESUS in every aspect of the individual believer, the Church's ways and the Fivefold message.  Some, remaining in old mindsets will evaluate the forward edges of this move for it's outward signs.   These exciting and wonderful fires of power carry a deepening refinement in righteousness.   This is the first fruit of the coming waves.  The real power is in the changes of the heart, the transformation by the Spirit, to the righteousness required to walk in this way.  The power truths of the Gospel are seeking to be renewed in the hearts and essential ways of the Church.   The Fivefold carry a standard and level of revelation that speaks continually to the advance of life and freedom in Christ.  They carry the grace and authority to bring this way into the life of the Church.   You will know them by their fruit.   Unity, Love, Sacrifice, Honor, Generosity, Heart of the Father, Patient Endurance, Faithfulness, HOPE, FAITH, and LOVE which binds all things together in the POWER and finished work of our SAVIOR JESUS. 

There is much more on the way.  A restoring of faith, hope and love for the Church and all her majestic glory; a power of deliverance and wisdom that moves with all the Saints that does not require special training or education - Spirit wisdom and Isaiah 61 deliverance power.  Deeper groanings and longings in the presence of the LORD that translate into ways of power and love.   The ministry of Jeremiah is a key to understanding much of these times and seasons.   

So much more to come.   And come it will like the wind.   
Stay in touch.  LOVE First.  Be strong and courageous. 

Let me know what you are sensing in the Spirit for 2014 and if any of this aligns with what you anticipate. 

Thanks again.  

Love in the Lord Jesus

Jeff Reynolds. Sr. Leader Capstone Christian Fellowship 
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